Cydia – What you Need to Know

By | July 18, 2016

Cydia store appear on your screen once you have jailbroken your iDevice. It allows you to download 3rd party apps that are not available via Apple store. It is not a coincidence that word “Cydia” is a latin name for worm that feeds on apples. Here are some tips on how to use Cydia.



Update Applications – If you’ve installed applications previously you may see a numbered notification next to the “Changes” menu. This indicates that there are updates available for currently installed applications.

  • Press Changes
  • Press Upgrade All (#) [top right of screen]
  • Press Confirm to begin download and installation

Installing New Apps

  • Press Install [on the bottom]
  • Browse through categories to Games (for example)
  • Press the game you wish to install
  • Press Install on top right
  • Press Confirm to begin the download and installation

Removing or Reinstalling Apps

  • Press Manage
  • Scroll and find the app you wish to remove/reinstall
  • Open it
  • Press Modify [top right of the screen]
  • Press Remove or Reinstall
  • Press Confirm to begin removing the app

Adding a New Source – Cydia has 5 sources by default, which give you access to the most popular apps and tweaks. If you wish to add more sources (to download free cracked apps or for some other reasons) just do the following;

  • Find the sources address via google and copy it
  • Go to Cydia => Manage => Sources
  • Press Edit (right corner)
  • Press Add (left corner)
  • Paste the address and press Add source

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