How to configure Quiet Hours in Windows 10

By | August 28, 2016

If you work at your computer, it is often nice to be undisturbed for a while. As useful as it is, the Action Center can also be a distraction. Fortunately it is a distraction we can tweak to be far easier to live with by using Quiet Hours. Here’s how to configure Quiet Hours in Windows 10.

Essentially Quiet Hours turn off notifications so you can work undisturbed. It’s a useful tweak for concentration-intensive tasks and one I use often when writing these tutorials or when studying. Anything where I’m in the desktop and can be disturbed by random messages.

Configure Quiet Hours in Windows 10
Setting up Quiet Hours is very straightforward.

1. Click the Action Center icon next to the system clock.
2. Right click the Quiet Hours tile and select ‘Go to Settings’.
3. Find the balance of notifications you’re comfortable with by adding or removing quick actions and configuring the apps that can notify you of actions.
4. Turn Quiet Hours on or off by left clicking the tile in Action Center. It should then say On or Off depending on the setting.

Finding exactly the right level of notifications takes a while. I have been running Windows 10 for over a year and still find myself playing around with notification settings!

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