How to customize your Start Menu in Windows 10

By | August 28, 2016

The Start Menu is at the heart of Windows 10 and is the go-to place for many functions. It is a powerful app that can access just about everything Windows is capable of and you can make it your own too. If you want to know how to customize your Start Menu in Windows 10, here is what to do.

Customize the Start Menu in Windows 10
There are quite a few things you can do to tweak the Start Menu to your liking, here are just a few.

• Resize the Start Menu by holding the mouse at an edge and dragging the window to make it larger or smaller.
• Right click a tile to remove, resize, turn off, share or otherwise tweak it.
• Right click any app icon and select ‘Pin to start’ to add it to your Start Menu.
• Turn off Live Tile updates by right clicking and selecting ‘Turn live tile off’.
• Right click on an empty part of the Taskbar, select Settings and Start to make color and other changes.
• Make it look like Windows 8 by removing all tiles in the right pane.
• Create a group by dragging a tile to an empty space until a bar appears. Release the tile and Windows will create a new group. You can then label it whatever you like.
• Rename tiles by right clicking and selecting ‘Open file location’. Rename the file in Explorer and it will change in the Start Menu. You can change the icon too.
• Quickly add tiles by Pressing Windows Key + R and type or paste ‘shell:AppsFolder’. Right click an app and select ‘Pin to Start’.

Those are just a few of the dozens of ways to customize the Start Menu in Windows 10. Got any cool ones you want to share?

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