How to Get macOS Sierra Like Picture-in-Picture Mode in OS X 10.11

By | July 14, 2016


macOS Sierra brings iOS 9’s Picture in Picture mode to the Mac. Using the feature, you can convert a video from an app or browser into a floating window that you can drag around anywhere you like. Resize and customize, dock it to the side whatever you want do. And then go about your business and the window will stay there, floating above everything.


But macOS Sierra isn’t here yet so Fluid Browser is here to fill in the gap (and if you’re reading this in the future, hold on, even Sierra users might find Fluid useful).

Fluid Browser is similar. Except it’s a browser. You can open any link here you want. But if you open a YouTube, Vimeo, Netflix or Hulu link, the browser will adapt and change into a video mode, showing just the video. You can also drag in a PDF if you want. Or a mp4 video file (more file types will be supported soon).



Also, Fluid Browser can become transparent.

The only problem I have with Fluid is that it won’t work if you have two windows open in Split View.

Other than that it’s pretty solid. If you want to play a tv show while browsing or play a tutorial video while you learn how to code or you just want a PDF file open for look up, give Fluid Browser a shot. It’s currently on sale for $1.99.

Download: Fluid Browser ($1.99)

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