How to Use Digital Touch in Messages IOS 10

By | August 11, 2016

Use Digital Touch in Messages

When the Apple Watch first launched, Apple made much of the Digital Touch feature that let you send quick taps, sketches, and even your heartbeat to your friends. In iOS 10, that functionality makes the jump to iPhones and iPads; it even has a few new tricks up its sleeve, including a few more animations and the ability to annotate photos and videos. Here’s how to make the most of it.



1. Open Messages.



2. Select the conversation you want.



3. Tap the arrow button to the left of the text field. 



4. Tap the Digital Touch button. It looks like two fingers on a heart.



5. In the canvas that appears, you can send a variety of effects. (The cheat sheet to the right shows you what various gestures do.) You can draw with a finger on the canvas; tap and hold with two fingers to produce an animated heartbeat; or simply tap repeatedly on the screen to produce “bubbles” of color. Messages are sent automatically when you pause for more than a second or so.



6. Tap the cheat sheet to see other options, including tapping with two fingers to produce a “kiss” icon, dragging down with two fingers to create a “heart breaking” animation; and force-pressing to create a “fireball” animation.



7. Tap the swatch of color to the left to change what color you use in your taps and sketches. This doesn’t affect the colors of the other animations.



8. Press the camera icon on the left to take a picture or a video. You can sketch on the images before, after, or while taking them.



9. For more real estate, tap the triangle at the bottom to expand the Digital Touch canvas to full screen.


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