macOS Sierra Public Beta 1 Now Available to Download

By | July 14, 2016


At this year’s Worldwide Developers Conference, Apple announced the next version of its desktop platform, macOS Sierra, with the first developer beta being released soon after.

Apple also confirmed that a public beta of the software would be released this summer, which would let those who don’t self-identify as a developer of apps try out the software before its public release later this year. And sure enough, the time has finally arrived. The first public beta for macOS Sierra is now available. It should mirror the second developer beta, which was released earlier this week.

If you aren’t already signed up as a public beta tester, and want to try out the new software, you can sign up right here.

macOS Sierra offers a plethora of new features. That includes the ability to use Apple Pay, the company’s mobile payment option, from within Safari for partners that include Gilt, and other major brands. With it, users will be able to authenticate purchases on their desktop by using Touch ID on their iPhone.

macOS offers other new Continuity features, including the ability to unlock your MacBook –avoiding the part where you input your password– by having your Apple Watch on your wrist. Another big addition to the software is Picture-in-Picture support, which will let users pop out a video and continue to watch it while they navigate other apps behind it. The picture can be resized, moved around, and it will stay on the top of other apps as the user moves from one virtual desktop to another.

The biggest new addition for macOS Sierra is Siri, which lets users ask the digital personal assistant to do a variety of things, like find files, contacts, and use more complex voice queries to find specific elements on their computer from specific dates or from other people. Siri can also play music from Apple Music, send messages, and much more.

Now that the public beta is available, do you plan on checking it out?

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